Research and Destroy JAPAN TOUR 2017, wins Popular Selection Award at BitSummit

In May this year we took Research and Destroy on the road and let players get their hands on the game for the first time.
We showed the game at two events in Japan. First at the Tokyo Indie Fest (May 14), and the following weekend at Bitsummit (Officially titled “A 5th of BitSummit” this year). Both are indie-game focused events and therefore a great opportunity to see, play (and show) fresh and yet-to-be released games. The smaller scale compared to Tokyo Games Show make them great events for developers to connect directly with game enthusiasts and businesses.

For us it was great to let players try their hand at the game, and the feedback from players was overwhelmingly positive. People also liked our lab coats. Those weren’t just for show – we were there to do some serious research! After playing the prototype, we asked players to complete a quick survey. From the survey, talking to and watching people play, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge and insight on how we can improve the game as we continue development. OK, so the lab coats were actually just for show.

On the last day of our tour, at BitSummit we were extremely honored to be awarded the Popular Selection Award, which was chosen by the attendees of the festival. We can’t stress how much this means to us here in writing so watch our emotional acceptance speech in the video below (from around the 7h18min mark). Get your tissues out!

A lot of work goes into preparing for these shows, both from developers and of course the organizers. We’d like to thank the organizers of both events for their outstanding work, and all the visitors who came to look and play our game. We hope to see you all again next time!

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