About Us


Implausible Industries was formed in 2013 by four highly experienced games developers from across the globe, after having worked at cult game studio Grasshopper Manufacture for a number of years.
Our team members have worked on seven different completed Unreal Engine 3 titles on PC, PS3, Xbox360 and WiiU, and four yet-unpublished Unreal Engine 4 titles for PC, PS4 and XboxOne. Before starting Implausible Industries, our members worked on many games of well-known franchises such as Driver, Fatal Frame, FIFA, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, No More Heroes and Final Fantasy. Our strong experience with Unreal Engine allows us to quickly prototype and efficiently develop top quality games in what we believe to be the best games development toolset.

For the players, for our clients, and for ourselves, we can achieve the implausible.

Implausible Industries is based in Tokyo, Japan.