Meet the team

Christopher Willacy
Game Design Director
Chris began his career in games development over 23 years ago creating environments for the hit console series Driver, and continued to work on the franchise for 8 years. Shortly after that, he began working with Unreal Engine and later moved from a Lead Environment Artist role to level and game design. To date he has worked on 9 different Unreal Engine titles. His current roles include level creation, mission scripting, technical level design, VFX and audio implementation and prototyping.

Daniel Markiewicz
Technical Design Director
Daniel already had 7 years of professional programming experience before becoming a games developer 14 years ago, starting at Grasshopper Manufacture. Not long after that he began designing and programming games with and tools for Unreal Engine. He was a key member for the pitch and prototype development of Lollipop Chainsaw, and has provided Unreal Engine training at a number of studios. His specialties include prototyping, game design tools development, scripting and debugging.

Kees Gajentaan
Art Director
Kees holds a university degree in architecture and has over 23 years of game development experience. Although his specialties have become environment and technical art, during his career he has worked on and held a lead role in nearly every graphical aspect of video games (characters, UI, animation, special effects, and art outsourcing). He is possibly the most Unreal Engine-experienced developer in Japan, having begun work with the engine back in 2003.